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First, let me say that while I believe it’s important to promote your products and services on your website through written descriptions, you can greatly enhance the experience of those visiting your website by adding videos to the mix.

Videos grab your audience’s attention and provide the “snapshot” of your products and services. Your written content should augment your videos by providing all the “juicy” details.

So, are there any other reasons that I think you should have videos on your website? Definitely!

Here’s my take on it…

Google Ranking

Without getting into all the messy details of Google’s algorithms for ranking websites, you should know that one of the factors they use is called “dwell time.” All that means is that Google is checking to see how long someone stays on your website with the idea that if they’re staying there for a significant amount of time (watching a video, let’s say), then you must have some interesting and valuable content. Google likes that and will raise your search ranking because of it. (Also, be aware that if you’re using a YouTube channel for your videos and links on your website, your ranking is going to go up because of that, too. But, that’s a subject for another day.)

People Remember A Video

Do you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other social media application? Do you scroll right by those text posts, but stop when you see an interesting video? If you’re like the majority of people who shop online, your attention is drawn to the videos much more than the text ads. Along those same lines, you’re far more likely to remember a video about a product than a paragraph of text describing it.

Using a video can also add a personal touch to your website. As part of you video, show people how your products work or let them see you in the video as you describe your services. A well-designed video will translate to higher conversion rates in your promotions which means more sales for you!

Get a “Leg Up” on Your Competitors

It’s estimated that only about 50% of companies with websites are using videos to promote their products and services. You can definitely “stand out” in your market by being part of that 50%. Again, people are more likely to purchase your products and services after watching your video than if they’d just read some text you put on your website or social media page.

Do you use testimonials from your customers?

A lot of businesses love getting feedback and testimonials from their customers. If you’re one of those companies, why not ask for a video testimonial. Video testimonials give you far more credibility than a text bubble or highlighted text testimonial on your web page. With the huge number of people that have smartphones or mobile devices, it’s easy for them to capture a quick “selfie” video and then post it to your social media page. So, next time you’re asking a customer for a testimonial, try to get them to do it in a video!

Mobile Friendliness

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time reading really, really small text on a smartphone when I’m trying to find a product or service – especially when the website isn’t mobile friendly/responsive. But, when there’s a video that plays perfectly in my smartphone’s display, I can watch and learn without having to get a magnifying glass for that text stuff. 🙂  Here’s another tidbit of info for you: About 90% of the people who visit my website and Facebook fan pages are using a mobile device.

I hope this has been helpful in showing you the value of videos in your marketing and advertising (which is what your website and fan pages are about). If you feel that you’re moving into unfamiliar territory by trying to add videos to your website or social media pages, I’ll be glad to help with that. (If you have a teenager in your family, they’re probably pretty savvy with videos and social media and could be a good resource, too. 🙂 )

I’ll be posting more about how to take advantage of videos in your marketing and advertising, so please sign up for my mailing list so that you don’t miss out.



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