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Need a website, but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you have one of those “quick start” websites and it just doesn’t have all the “bells and whistles” you’d like or nothing seems to look the way you thought it would.

Let’s build something great together!

Services from Michael's Graphics
I can help you with:


 Finding and Registering your Domain Name 

 Connecting your Domain Name to a Website Hosting Service 

 WordPress Installation and Setup 

 Web Copywriting 

 Graphic Design for your website 

 Setting up & connecting Autoresponders/Mailing List Programs 

 Product Sales through PayPal 

The website setup and maintenance services I provide are great for almost anyone, but they’re mainly geared toward individuals who are just getting started and are not familiar with domain registration,hosting, social media interfaces, etc. When first starting out, I feel that you basically have three options to choose from:

Option 1
Do it yourself. You can use a service such as or where you can purchase a domain name and, in some cases, get their hosting for free. This option is very easy to use and is perfect for an entry level website. Just be aware that the free version has limited functionality and the website links to your pages are lengthy and not user-friendly. (You can, however, always upgrade to a paid version for more functionality when you’re ready.)

Option 2
Work with someone like me. I’ll do the “heavy lifting” associated with getting your domain name and hosting. I’ll also assist you in building your web pages. The beauty of this option is that you’ll also be able to access your website to write blog posts and make other changes wherever you feel comfortable. I prefer for domain registration and hosting services and I use WordPress exclusively for this option. I feel that this combination provides a great platform for your website and the most “bang for the buck.”

Option 3
Hire a professional website development and marketing firm. This is obviously going to be the highest priced option, but I recommend this option if you’re planning to offer an extensive line of products and an online store. The intricacies involved with online stores, merchant accounts and marketing your product need to be handled by someone with expert skills in this area as well as reliable servers for hosting your website. ( routinely offers special discounts for new customers. Just visit and click on the Websites link for more information on their professional services.)

As we work together, we’ll get your website up and running. After that, I’ll maintain it for you and – if you want – we can slowly transition to where you’re maintaining it on our own. I can do as little or as much as you need me to. The choice is yours. I think you’ll be pleased with my work and find my services to be very flexible and a great value.

Whether you use my services or not, I want you to be successful and happy with your website. If you’re leaning toward doing it yourself, you’ll definitely want to check out the tutorials offered by and see how easy this can be. Another easy and cost-effective solution is to use a “one stop shop” to get your domain name, hosting and website design. One of the best in the business at this is Definitely check them out first to see if it looks like something you want to “tackle.” Together, you can count on me to get a website up and running for you, but just know that you can improve your bottom line by doing it yourself.

Are you ready to get started? Well then, Let’s build something great!

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And, by the way…if you’re just getting started with your business, I also invite you to check out what I consider to be the “Business Basics.” You’ll want to make sure you read these before you invest your hard-earned money and resources into your business.