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Copywriting Services from Michael's Graphics

What is Copywriting?

In the world of advertising and marketing, words used to convey a sales message to potential customers are called “copy.” People who write that copy are called “copywriters.” Simply put, web copywriting is just the latest term for describing the process of writing the words that you put on your website.

While websites are advertising and marketing tools, you can’t look at them in the same way you do print and TV advertising. They allow your visitors to interact with links, buttons and forms. Many new website owners tend to overlook this. It requires looking through a “new set of eyes” at all that you’ve built. The internet environment and the world of web copywriting is constantly changing. What worked yesterday may not work today – or tomorrow. It pays to keep things fresh.

How you put those words on your website will determine if you’ll catch your visitors’ attention and get them to buy the services or products you’re offering. Gone are the days when “pretty graphics” and websites with all the fancy clickable features were all that was needed to get your customers to hit the “buy” button or request your services. They may be entertaining, but if you’re trying to sell a product or service, they have to relate to that product or service and your written content.

Your website can’t look like “just another advertisement.”

We’re bombarded all day long with advertisements on the radio, on TV and even in the movie theaters.

The last thing we want to see when we’re trying to find something on the web is MORE ADVERTISEMENTS.

Think about the last “salesy” website you visited…you know what I mean, right?

Visitors to your website are looking for information. They want to get to know you and why they should work with you.

Important Fact

Over 80% of your website visitors are NOT reading everything you’ve written anyway. They’re skimming the page until their eye catches the words that will answer their question or get them closer to the information they came for.

Your web pages need to be responsiveWith so many different desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones in the hands of your visitors, the pages on your website must be able to automatically adjust to the screen size of those devices.

At Michael’s Graphics, we only use WordPress themes that are certified as responsive so that you can be sure your text, images and forms are going to look great on any device.

Another Important Fact
Most of the visitors to your website are probably using mobile devices so the text on your page needs to be large enough to read easily.
7 Seconds Stop Watch

Getting visitors to your website and then keeping them there for more than the average of 7 seconds requires that you know your customers and then build your website to meet their needs, including these basic requirements:


  • A design or theme that is pleasing to the visitors’ eyes, but also easy to navigate through and functionally sound. (That includes capturing email addresses and the ability to purchase products directly from your web pages.)
  • Web copy that keeps your visitors on your site.
  • Your page names and content keywords are “Easy to Find” on the top search engines.

Ready to get started?

Does your current website meet these? If not, I’d be happy to work with you on getting you the best bang for your “website buck!” My goal is for your website to be a huge success. You’ll always get my best effort. That’s a promise!

Just click here or on the Services Request button below to get started. Thanks!

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